ColorMark PRO
Good Bye Gray!
How It Works

Photo of a woman applying ColorMark instant liquid hair color.

ColorMark Saves Time and Money Between Colorings

Stretch the time between colorings and keep your hair salon-perfect.

"I have been using this product for many years to cover new grays between coloring my hair, which grows extremely fast. Excellent coverage and love the color! I use Dark Auburn which is perfect for me!" - G.E.M. (Berryville, VA)

"I have purchased ColorMark products before and loved them. Please keep making this, especially the golden blonde! Love that it is not flaky, waxy or aerosol. Best product for root touch ups!!"
- Bettie G.(Midlothian, VA)

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Real Hair Color… Bonds To The Hair

ColorMark actually bonds to the hair, blending seamlessly with permanent hair color for a totally natural look. (Unlike hair mascaras, crayons, powder and spray-on colors, which dull the hair and flake or rub off).

ColorMark's patented formula uses certified hair colors, but without harsh chemicals — no ammonia or peroxide — so, it's gentle on your hair.

Instant Touch-Up… Easy To Apply

ColorMark's soft-tip applicator makes it easy to apply. Dries in a minute. Won't flake or rub off — even after brushing.

How To Apply

ColorMark should be applied to dry hair. Mousse, gels and other styling products may be used prior to applying ColorMark, and hair spray can be used over it.

ColorMark includes a special comb for use at temples and hairline. The comb acts as a skin shield for those areas. Slide the comb under the hair, as close to the scalp as possible, then apply ColorMark.

To remove ColorMark, simply shampoo out.